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ViaRhôna, roaming along the Rhône river

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Which bike should you choose?

You need a good-quality bike in a good state of repair to enjoy ViaRhôna’s greenways and cycle tracks. The type of bike you need depends on the type of usage to which you’ll subject your bike.

A bike for a day’s outing

For a day’s cycling, any kind of bike should do, as long as it is in a good state of repair.

Before setting out, make sure you have checked your bike, in particular verifying:

  • the brakes
  • the wheels and the tyre pressure
  • the transmission, noting that chains and derailleurs are properly in place and well greased
  • that the lights function properly

A bike for an outing over several days

  • For a longer cycling trip, having a suitable, good-quality bike will make your journey much more comfortable.
  • A hybrid bike (in French vélo tout chemin, or VTC) is very adaptable, functioning well on both tarmacked surfaces and rougher tracks.
  • If embarking on a long cycling journey, maybe lasting a few weeks, consider a trekking bike.
  • Use panniers to transport your luggage.
    Panniers can be fixed to the front or the back of a bike.
  • Consider a further pannier you can fix to the handlebars, to keep maps, guides and useful small items.
  • Use a good-quality bicycle lock when leaving your bike for a pause or to visit a sight.
  • A basic repair kit is a must, with a puncture kit, a pump, an inner tube repair kit and a multi-purpose spanner.

Electric bikes

  • An electric bike is a good option, especially if new to cycling or if you haven’t been cycling in some time.
  • The electric battery affixed to the bike allows you to pedal along at a gentle rate and helps ease the strain on harder stretches.
  • Electric bikes are becoming more popular and several bike-hire companies associated with ViaRhôna now rent them out.