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ViaRhôna, roaming along the Rhône river

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Heading out on a cycling trip along the ViaRhôna route

Heading out independently by bike along the Rhône Valley makes for an exciting trip, enabling you to discover a wonderful variety of landscapes. Note that the ViaRhôna route isn’t yet complete and that certain stages are more physically demanding than others. Nevertheless, the cycle track is accessible to experienced cyclists who are well prepared. ViaRhôna makes for thrilling cycling.

Choosing suitable cycling equipment

  • A hybrid or trekking bike is the most suitable type of bike for tackling a large portion of ViaRhôna.
    Paying for a good-quality bike is always a good investment.
  • Travelling with cycle panniers or a cycle trailer is essential if you’re transporting your luggage yourself.
  • Travel light, just carrying essential items!

How to prepare for your cycling trip

What distance should you cycle per day?

  • 40 km per day for a person in normal physical condition. 
  • 10 km per hour is a speed that allows you to make the most of the day to visit sights along the route.
  • Start with shorter stages at the start of your trip; consider longer daily stages as you get into training. 

What’s the best period for cycling along the ViaRhôna route?

  • You can enjoy good conditions for cycling in most of France from the start of April to the end of October.
  • If possible, plan your trip outside of the main tourist periods, so between April and June or in September or October. 
  • These periods make for more enjoyable cycling and you’ll find it easier, for example, to book the accommodation you want.