Le Tour du Léman à vélo côté Suisse © France Vélo Tourisme

A truly European cycle route

ViaRhôna is part of EuroVelo 17

EuroVelo 17 : from the sources of the Rhône to the Mediterranean Sea by bike

The two cycle routes La Route du Rhône (covering 350km in Switzerland) and ViaRhôna (stretching 815km through France) are joining forces to become a part of the EuroVelo network, achieving the status a truly European cycle route, or véloroute. Up until now, 15 such long-distance EuroVelo European routes had already been set up, linking various European countries for cyclists.

Going by the name of EuroVelo 17, this new long-distance European route will also be known as the Rhone Cycle Route. It follows the course of the mighty Rhône for some 1,115km from its source in the Swiss Alps down to its delta on the French Mediterranean coast, famed for the Camargue marshes. Both the Rhône and its cycle route cross through splendid historic European cities like Geneva, Lyon and Avignon, as well as many beautiful, diverse areas packed with tourist delights. Joining EuroVelo’s pan-European cycle route network, the Rhone Cycle Route is aiming to become one of Europe’s leading cycling tourism destinations.

Distinctive features along this route:

As the Rhône enters Lake Geneva (Lac Léman in French) in the east and leaves it in the west, you can opt to follow this majestic lake either along its north bank or its south bank. Down in the Camargue, you are also offered a choice, either of heading for the coast via the western route leading to the ports of Le Grau-du-Roi and Sète, or via the eastern route leading down to Port-St-Louis-du-Rhône. So, all told, the route can offer 1,165km of cycle route.