Discovery of the Vaccarès Pond

44,15 Km
4 h 00 min
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44,15 km cycling loop from Arles

The Camargue thrives with its multitude of ponds. This extensive cycling route offers an exploration towards the shores of one of the largest and most famous among them: the Vaccarès Pond. Starting from Arles, the capital of Camargue's history and culture, the route heads south, passing through market gardens and rice fields. It then opens up onto the shores of the Vaccarès Pond, revealing a succession of endless panoramas where water merges with the sky.
6 m 10 m

Cycling Loop around the Camargue Ponds

This 44 km loop, entirely flat, utilizes lightly trafficked departmental roads and allows for the discovery of the Camargue ponds.

The route is flat and highly exposed to the sun, suitable for all seasons except summer.

Note: Some sections require caution (RD 570).

Route Markings for Loop n°4

The loop is entirely marked with green and white signs, along with the loop number, n°4.

Highlights of this Ride

  • Vaccarès Pond
  • The Camargue between canals, rice fields, and bull breeding
  • The ranches

Nearby Train Stations

  • Arles Train Station


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