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17,99 km cycling loop from Caderousse

Starting from the Roman city of Orange, this cycling loop is a countryside stroll towards the Provençal village of Caderousse, located on the banks of the Rhône River and along the ViaRhôna route. Nicknamed the "green island," it's the perfect spot for a picnic by the Revestidou water body or, for enthusiasts, fishing in its fish-filled waters. The ride can be extended on the ViaRhôna, which is converted into a greenway from Caderousse towards Mornas or Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
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Cycling Route n°7 - From Orange to Caderousse starting from Orange

This marked loop on shared roads covers an easy 18 km route with no significant elevation gain. Exercise caution when leaving urban centers, especially when crossing the highway bridge on the road to Caderousse. The loop passes through the Provençal village of Caderousse, from where you can directly access ViaRhôna.

Route Markings for Route n°7

The loop is marked with green and white signs.

Highlights of this ride

  • Caderousse: Explore the Provençal village of Caderousse nestled within its 19th-century dike.
  • Revestidou Water Body and the Brotteaux Island
  • Orange: The Arc de Triomphe and the Ancient Theatre, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Orange.

Nearby Train Station

SNCF train station in Orange - Zou departmental buses in Orange and Caderousse.


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