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Le Sambuc

29,44 km cycling loop from Le Sambuc

Between the ponds and the Grand Rhône, this intimate cycle tour takes cyclists to the heart of a domesticated Camargue. Canals, crops, architecture, livestock... all the ways in which mankind has exploited this unique area are at your fingertips. Starting at Le Sambuc, a typical hamlet with low houses, the route reveals the wealth of hydraulic structures. On either side of the small roads, you can see the rice fields and pastures where the traditional Camargue horses and bulls graze.
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Cycling in the heart of the Camargue

Discover the Camargue on a 29km cycle route on shared tracks. A flat route that can be windy on a Mistral day and very exposed to the sun. Best done in autumn, spring or winter, this route offers spectacular views. Take care on the RD36.

To access the loop from Salin de Giraud :
Salin de Giraud - Pont des Coccardes: 6 km

To reach the Capélière from the loop : 
Mas de Fielouse - Capelière: 3 km

Signposting for Loop 5

The loop is fully signposted with green and white panels + loop number n°5

Don't miss this walk

  • The Camargue, with its canals, rice fields and bullfighting.
  • Discover the typical architecture of Le Sambuc
  • The Point de vue du Sel
  • The sea wall and its lighthouses
  • Beauduc beach, famous for kitesurfing
  • Barcarin ferry providing access to the Giraud salt marshes  

Nearby stations

  • Arles SNCF station, plus bus line 10 Salin de Giraud-Arles.


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