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29,16 km cycling loop from Belley

This nearly 30 km cycling route, starting from Lake Lit du Roi along the ViaRhôna, departs from the Voie Verte and the Rhône River to explore the tranquil wine-producing villages of Bugey and their must-visit wine cellars. Along this loop, you'll also discover Lake Barterand and its sculpted rocks, where swimming is supervised during the summer period. Finally, don't miss the charming village of Ceyzérieu overlooking the Lavours Marsh Nature Reserve at the foot of the Grand Colombier.
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Bike Route - Bugey Vineyards from Lake Lit du Roi

This route has very limited elevation (250 meters over 29 km) and no major difficulties, but rather follows gentle terrain between villages and vineyards. You'll mostly ride on lightly trafficked small roads, with a bit of greenway near Lake Lit du Roi.

Route Marking

The loop is entirely marked with green and white signs.

Highlights of the Ride

  • Start from Lake Lit du Roi, a water body along the path of the Rhône diversion canal, named after a Gallo-Roman sarcophagus used to transport the remains of King Charles the Bald, grandson of Charlemagne. After a short ascent from Cressin-Rochefort, you'll encounter Lake Barterand, a swimming lake monitored during the summer. The northern part of the lake features impressive sculpted rocks paying homage to Bugey legends, including Gargantua, the vine, and the Vouivre, a character half-charming, half-malevolent. In the charming village of Vongnes, the Caveau Bugiste is renowned for its quality wine and hospitality. You can enjoy two museums free of charge all year round, as well as painting and sculpture exhibitions and a film screening.

Nearby Train Station

  • Culoz SNCF train station.



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