La ferme aux crocodiles

395 Allée de Beauplan 26700 Pierrelatte
Since 2015 a new panoramic greenhouse of 1200m² with snakes, lizards, aquatic turtles, birds and fishes. Over 300 000 visitors each year. Over 600 different exotic plants. Pythons, water dragons. The crocodile farm is the 5th place in Rhône-Alpes to be visited. Every day, animations to discover the world of reptiles. Feeding hours of the animals (summer season hours for 2018) : ◄ Crocodiles : every Sunday at 3:00 PM ◄ Turtles : everyday at 11:30 AM ◄ Birds : everyday at 4:30 PM ◄ Iguanas : from Monday to Friday at 10:30 AM and on the weekend at 1:30 PM For further information :

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