Piste cyclable le long du Rhône sur la ViaRhôna © M. Rougy


Along the ViaRhôna route you will the ViaRhôna logo

The entire route switches between two modes of travel:

  • Using the safety of the greenway (around 60% of the route), which is for use by cyclists and non-motorised transport only
  • and using the bike paths, secondary roads that are also used by cars but which usually carry little traffic.

The different types of cycle tracks 

ViaRhôna cycle route uses different types of cycle tracks along the whole route. It is important to be aware of the different types of track to see if they suit your kind of cycling:

Greenways suitable for family outings

These are tracks reserved for non-motorized traffic, including walkers and people with reduced mobility as well as cyclists. These greenways are laid out along former towpaths, railway lines or forest tracks, and in city parks too. Note that we also include in this category tracks solely reserved for cyclists and separated from roads carrying motorized traffic.

  • On our website, these types of track appear in green on the interactive maps of Viarhôna’s sections and stages.

Cycle tracks on shared roads

These cycle routes on shared roads take you along roads where motorized traffic is generally light. Official ViaRhôna signposts guide you along and the roads have been made as safe as possible, for example with tracks for cyclists painted on the road surface. In contrast to greenways, these tracks are only recommended for experienced cyclists, especially as extreme care is required at busier intersections.

  • These tracks feature in orange on our interactive maps of ViaRhôna’s sections and stages.

Provisional stretches

On certain stretches, we propose provisional routes for very experienced cyclists, allowing them to tackle an unofficial unbroken route. These sections may follow unsignposted roads, roads on which the surface may be uneven, or even very busy roads, awaiting the completion of all ViaRhôna’s sections.

  • They appear in red on our interactive maps of the sections and stages. 

Alternative options and links

To enable you to reach nearby tourist sights, towns and train stations, or to provide an unbroken route, we also suggest certain alternatives and links that have been fully tested by bike.

  • They are shown in purple on the interactive maps of the sections and stages.