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Getting around by train with your bike along the route

French regional (TER) trains, and other rail services, are useful for reaching points of departure or return on your cycle trip, for organizing weekend trips, or simply for shortening a stage.

  • Most French regional (TER) trains have specially dedicated spaces for cyclists carrying their bikes.
  • Certain French high-speed (TGV) and intercity trains have a few spaces for bicycles, but you generally have to book these well in advance (paid service)
  • Mediterranean TGVs and Lyria trains between France and Switzerland do not accept bicycles that have not been dismantled.
  • On our website, you can see where train stations are located on the route maps, while you can get practical information on train stations under the ‘In detail’ paragraphs in the stage descriptions.
  • Do check carefully before you set out that the trains you want to use do accept bikes.
  • Transport tandems, tricycles, scooters bikes, recumbent bikes and three-wheel trailer attached to the back of a bicycle is not allowed.
  • Warning bikes are not allowed in the TER buses

You can find in-depth details on train lines and train times on the websites for the regional TER train services concerned:

For your own comfort and that of other passengers:

  • avoid travelling with your bike at rush hours, prefer to travel between 9:30 and 16h
  • locate the relevant coaches that take bikes using the helpful pictograms
  • arrive in plenty of time for your train, at least 20 minutes before the train departure
  • don’t cycle in train stations, but steer your bike by hand
  • travel light!

The main TER lines along the ViaRhôna route:

you can find out specific information on travelling with your bike on French trains on  www.sncf.com


Between May and September 2023, take advantage of additional services to travel with your bikes along the ViaRhôna.
Guaranteed bicycle access on certain trains

On more than 20 TER Cyclo trains per day, the bicycle seat is accessible by reservation, free of charge and mandatory.

This service is available on trains running between Lyon and Marseille or Lyon and Avignon, in both directions, on 18, 20, 21, 27, 28 and 29 May as well as on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 17 June to 10 September 2023.

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A cycle route connected to other routes

ViaRhôna is connected with several other cycle routes. This allows you to join the itinerary by bike or continue the adventure on another route. 

Here are the main connecting routes from North to South: