Couple cycling along the quays of Tournon sur Rhône (Ardèche) © Christian Martelet

The ViaRhôna in the foothills of the Vercors

Weekend (2-3 days)

3 days of cycling in Drôme-Ardèche

A cycling route for all levels along the ViaRhôna and the V63! Ride along bike paths between Drôme and Ardèche with the Vercors Mountains as your backdrop. The itinerary along the Rhône passes through vineyards and orchards with the foothills of the Vercors in the distance. You'll then follow the banks of the Isère to Romans, the former capital of the shoe industry.
Back along the Rhône, the path leads to Valence and the Port de l'Epervière. Welcome to Ardèche! Discover the prehistoric sites of Soyons, the medieval village of Charmes-sur-Rhône, and the characterful village of Beauchastel. The ViaRhôna then takes you to La Voulte-sur-Rhône with its imposing Ventadour Castle. You'll then cross the Rhône at Pont Seguin to continue your cycling itinerary on the island of Printegarde and the Ramières nature reserve. Your journey ends in Le Pouzin, the final stage of the itinerary.

Highlights of your itinerary

  • 3 days of cycling for all levels 
  • A riverside itinerary between the Rhône and Isère 
  • A stunning natural setting! 
  • The foothills of the Vercors Mountains on the horizon

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