Transfer your luggage

It's always better to cycle without panniers!

Various luggage transport services allow you to transfer your bags at every stage of your cycling trip. Your luggage will follow you all along your itinerary and you'll find it back at your accommodation after your day's cycling. Prices are determined per piece of luggage.

Geneva Cycling  

Rêve de Vélo


Intuitive Trace: also offers point A to point B hire.

Several taxi companies along the route can also provide transfers:

  • axi Morland David (Belley) -
  • Taxis Laure & Joel Paquelet (Ain) - 06 70 30 87 91|
  • Alliance Taxis (Ain) -
  • Taxi Bus (Massignieu-de-Rives) - 07 68 46 09 17 |